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Our Products:- Crawler Drill

Rolex - 100 Crawler Drill powerful and versatile Drilling Tool.

Rolex - 100 Crawler Drill has an outstanding performance and excellent Drilling tool thanks to the design. It is also very powerful and versatile.

Rolex - 100 is intended for Blast Hole Quarrying and open pit mining and is a rig that is simple to operate and easy to maintain

Technical Specifications

Hole range

105-115 mm (41/8''- 41/2'')
115-140 mm (41/2''- 51/2'')

Drill tube diameter

76, 89, 102

Drill tube length

3 m



Feed length, total

5,750 mm

Travel length

4,250 mm

Feed force, max

21 kN



Tramming speed, max

3 km/h

Traction force, max

32.5 kN

Ground clearance

254 mm




4,000 kg

Length, transport position

5,750 mm


2,480 mm


2,430 mm